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Strategic Financial Solutions Gives Thanks in a Unique Way Through Combining Fun and Philanthropy

New York, NY In the spirit of leading with gratitude and giving back to the community, Strategic Financial Solutions proudly concluded its 3rd annual "Strat Shakes For" event throughout the month of November 2023. The innovative initiative brought employees together in a joyous celebration of thanks, all while contributing to meaningful philanthropic endeavors.

"Strat Shakes For" featured a concept where each employee recorded a video showcasing their shake or shimmy dance moves and expressing what they were thankful for. These videos were then shared on the company's intranet, fostering a sense of connection and unity among the team.

For every participating employee, Strategic Financial Solutions pledged a donation to support local food banks.

Kim Celic, Chief People Officer, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "The 'Strat Shakes For' initiative was a fantastic opportunity for our team to come together, celebrate gratitude, and make a positive impact in our community. This event not only strengthened our employee connection but also allowed us to give back in a meaningful way."

The CEO of Strategic Financial Solutions, Ryan Sasson, also shared his thoughts saying, "At Strategic Financial Solutions, we believe in the power of giving back. 'Strat Shakes For' perfectly encapsulated our commitment to both fostering a positive workplace culture and making a difference in the lives of others. I am incredibly proud of our team for embracing this initiative enthusiastically."