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Strategic Financial Solutions Launches “Strat Walks A Mile” Initiative to Raise Funds and Awareness for Suicide Prevention

New York, NY Strategic Financial Solutions is proud to announce the 3rd annual, "Strat Walks A Mile." This program aims to raise funds and support for suicide awareness and prevention by encouraging employees to walk a mile and challenge a colleague to do the same, symbolizing the act of walking a mile in someone else's shoes. For each participating employee, Strategic makes a donation. By encouraging employees to participate and share their experiences, Strategic aims to create a supportive environment for open conversations about mental health.

Kimberly Celic, Chief People Officer, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative: "At Strategic, we understand the importance of coming together to address issues that impact us all. The initiative embodies our commitment to corporate social responsibility and dedication to addressing critical issues that affect employees' lives personally. These are global issues that resonate deeply, and our ability to make a meaningful impact on something with a global reach is momentous."

Ryan Sasson, CEO, emphasized the importance of the cause and the company's role in creating awareness: "By taking this journey together, we not only raise funds but also raise our voices and stand in solidarity with those who may be struggling."

This year with the conclusion of 2023 effort, the company donated $3,000.