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Strategic Financial Solutions Celebrates 12th Anniversary

New York, NY, - Strategic Financial Solutions announced today that it has celebrated its 12th anniversary. The employee-owned organization was founded by CEO Ryan Sasson, Daniel Blumkin, and Ian Behar in 2007. Since its founding, Strategic has grown into an 850 employee-owned organization with a best-in-class culture and commitment to helping its clients. Strategic has been named to the prestigious Best Companies to Work for in New York three times and is a certified Great Place to Work.

“The pride I have in Strategic and every employee-owner that works here grows on a daily basis,” said Ryan Sasson, CEO. “I’m incredibly grateful that Strategic has evolved into a place where people love to work and where we are continually helping people across the United States. Our purpose is simple, but powerful – we improve the lives of people burdened with debt. To experience the pride that our entire Strategic Family takes in making that happen is a privilege.”

To accommodate its rapidly growing employee-owner workforce, Strategic Buffalo opened its doors two years ago and has established itself as a preeminent destination for job-seekers. “I had heard incredible things about Strategic from people I used to work with,” said Patrick Donnelly, Senior Director of Sales Production. “However, being a part of the Strategic Family and experiencing the culture and the people first-hand exceeds what I heard. To be a part of a rapidly growing company while also creating an environment that makes our team think and act like owners is remarkable. I am lucky to be a part of a Great Place to Work.”

“It is a privilege to be part of a company that really feels like a family,” said Kimberly Celic, SVP of Human Resources. “There are so many reasons why Strategic has been a Best Company to Work for in New York three times. The most important of which is our employee-owners and our unmatched culture. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish with such a talented group of people in the next year.”