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Strategic Financial Solutions Raises Over $2,000 to Support the TinySuperheroes Organization

New York, NY, - Strategic Financial Solutions celebrated its fourth annual Superhero Day and, once again, donated $10 to the TinySuperheroes organization for each employee-owner who dressed up as a superhero. The annual Strategic fundraiser is dedicated to supporting TinySuperheroes, an organization whose mission it is to empower children who are overcoming illness or disability. Strategic employee-owners enthusiastically supposed this worthy cause and raised more than $2,000 for TinySuperheroes.

“Our Strategic Family continues to instill me with an incredible amount of pride,” said Ryan Sasson, CEO of Strategic Financial Solutions. “Superhero day is a fun way for Strategic to support an inspiring cause and the enthusiasm with which we did is incredible. Our culture is about having fun and helping people while we do. I can see the help our Strategic Family provides to our clients, and each other, on a daily basis. I couldn’t be happier to see our employee-owners come together to help TinySuperheroes and the kids that they make a difference for.”

TinySuperheroes was founded by Robyn Rosenberger in August 2012. After coming across the story of a little girl named Brenna, who was born with a rare skin condition, Robyn was able to recognize that Brenna exemplified the biggest component of what it takes to be a superhero, strength. By providing a cape to children around the country who were born with, or have been diagnosed with, an illness or disability, the organization can offer a sense of hope, acceptance, and strength to the child. Since its founding, TinySuperheroes has provided over 23,000 capes to children across the world.

“Thank you so much, Strategic Financial Solutions, for thinking of us again for your Superhero Day,” said Robyn Rosenberger, Founder of TinySuperheroes. “Your contributions not only help so many TinySuperheroes receive capes, but also receive hope, courage, strength and friendship. You are our superheroes today.”

Strategic Financial Solutions is a supporter of local and national charities alike. The money that was raised for Tiny Superheroes will help more than 65 kids receive custom capes that will remind them of their strength.